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From Kolja Fricke <>
Subject Re: AXIS and JMX Architecture.
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 08:19:21 GMT
have a look at
there is a project going on for that stuff.
They call it
I think it is exacltly what you are looking for.
The use axis (beta2 I think)

hope that helps,

Am Donnerstag, 5. September 2002 10:24 schrieb Lachezar Dobrev:
>   Hello.
>   Please excuse me, if you have received my first message, but it seems,
> that I have not been registered with the list then.
>   I am trying to create an JMX Adaptor for the SOAP protocol.
>   The idea is to make it ABSOLUTELY independable. I.E. no web-container
> requirement, simple port listener and so on. I found Apache SOAP to be very
> hard to use, because of its very heavy requirement for a web-service
> container.
>   I tried AXIS, and found, that the SimpleAxisServer
> (org.apache.axis.transport.http.SimpleAxisServer) can be used with very
> small adjustments to intergrate with a JMX architecture. So I did.
>   Next is the thing, that was very easy for the Apache SOAP, but I found no
> way to do it with AXIS.
>   With Apache SOAP i creted a ConfigManager class, that would list the
> MBeans as services, so each time the "list" was done it got a list of the
> current MBeans instantiated within the JMX server. I also created a
> provider, that would implement calling the MBeans. It was quite
> stright-forward. If it wasn't for the ServletContainer requirement, I would
> have used Apache SOAP.
>   My question is if anyone, ANYONE can give some advices on how to
> implement similar job with the AXIS SOAP implementation.
>   I could really use some help. The "Integration Guide" has no real
> information on how to do that, or is VERY vague, so that I would not
> understand that.
>   Looking forward to hearing from the list: Lachezar


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