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From Paul Hunnisett <>
Subject NumberFormatException
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 19:28:42 GMT
I am currently trying to build a server specifically for Axis, with a
few extra features, in order to provide something of a complete Java web
services solution (see for details).  I am, however,
stuck in that every time I try to access a service, including the
AdminService at deployment time, I get a NumberFormatException.  The
server itself throws a NullPointer, but the client class throws a

The stack trace says that this NumberFormatException originates from
HTTPSender's readFromSocket() method.  I've taken a look at the source
for this class and, must admit, I can't see how the string "iso-8859-1"
could be broken down and converted to an int from this code - I'm no
expert in the breaking down of Strings, but it doesn't look right to
me.  I must, however, be missing something - since I'm sure I've had it
working in Tomcat, so it must be a problem with my server.  I'm afraid
that I'm stumped.  I am currently using axis beta3, as attempts to
incorporate later releases have proved problematic - I've tried, hoping
that it will solve this problem - but it causes others.

If anyone feels that they may be able to shed any light on this, or
simply point in the right direction, I would be grateful.


Paul Hunnisett

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