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From Shimon Crown <>
Subject server-config.wsdd is not written to WEB-INF
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 05:30:37 GMT
JDK 1.4.1 - Axis RC1 - Apache (latest version)/Tomcat 4.1 on Windows NT4 workstation - using
sample webapp.

When I run AdminClient the server places the resulting server-config.wsdd in  C:\WINNT\Profiles\XXX\Start
Menu\Programs\Apache Tomcat 4.1 where XXX is my user name instead of in the WebApps WEB-INF
file. I get the following report on the Tomcat console :

- Problem with servlet engine config file: C:\wcb\InetPub\webapps\axis\/WEB-INF/ server-config.wsdd

The above was cut and pasted from the Tomcat console  - I guess the odd \/ (this is not a
v but a bad mix of directory separators) before WEB-INF is messing things up. It looks like
a Windows - Unix or URL mess up.

This looks like an axis bug. If so where in the code can I patch it so I can carry on my work.
If this isn't an axis bug then what do am I doing wrong.
I did not have this problem with the last beta version of Axis.

Shimon Crown

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