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Subject Re: AW: Questions
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 17:51:47 GMT

I'd bet people working at companies and using the products in their jobs is
a good percentage of the development time most all big open source
projects. People are using the tool, decide they need a feature and add it,
then commit it to the codebase to share with others.

IBM built Soap4J with internal resources - that was the beginning of the
Axis project...

Anyone know of any other companies with staff dedicated to Axis

Juraj Lenharcik <> on 08/08/2002 12:57:16 PM

Please respond to

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Subject:    AW: Questions

I think the strategic aspect is very important.
I think it is conceivable that many companies use open source projects on
which they build on. It always costs less money than to start from scratch.
The danger for non-standard developments is not so high, if a company works
on popular open source projects.
The production on a (open source) product is also warranted on lack of
ressources from the company side. I never saw a company which supports
apache projects, too. But I hope I will .... ;-)


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Von: Ulrich Winter []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. August 2002 18:44
Betreff: Re: Questions

"Steve Loughran" <> wrote:
> Also axis does have full time staff working on it, which is fascinating
> watch (the other apache project I work on, Ant, is just people fixing
> problems against their own deadlines, so is much less structured)

Could somebody please describe, what the project environment for
an employee working on an open source project is?
Is there any manager who tells you, in what direction to go?

What benefit does a company see, in order to spend money on an open source

I'm very interested in this, because I think, none of the companies I
for would allow me to spend most of my time on an apache project. I'm
how this works.


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