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Subject Can't parse Axis-generated client's SOAP request with JDOM
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 17:24:13 GMT
Maybe I'm just missing something here.  I'm trying to use JDOM to parse an
Axis SOAP request which has a body that looks like:

  <ns1:renderMap xmlns:ns1
   <mapName xsi:type="xsd:string">mymaps/myworld</mapName>
   <center href="#id0"/>
   <zoom xsi:type="xsd:double">5000.0</zoom>
  <multiRef id="id0" SOAP-ENC:root="0" soapenv:encodingStyle
="" xsi:type="ns2:MyPoint"
   <x xsi:type="xsd:double">0.0</x>
   <y xsi:type="xsd:double">0.0</y>

The issue is that the <center> element has an href to a <multiRef> (which
has the actual data) which is "outside" the <renderMap> element.  When I
try to parse this using JDOM, I would expect to be able to get the <center>
element's <x> and <y> child elements directly, but JDOM says that the
<center> element has no children.

Not sure if this is an issue with how Axis generates multiRefs, or how JDOM
handles them.  Can anyone shed any light on this?



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