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From "Melamud, Mikhail" <>
Subject RE: Web service name syntax
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 16:16:20 GMT
Why one wouldn't if it's allowed?
You probably missed it in my e-mail - I've tried /somehost/somecontext/h%25?wsdl
and here what I've got:

	HTTP 400 - Bad Request
	Internet Explorer 
URL /somehost/somecontext/h%26?wsdl -  (escaped version of h&) works perfectly well

So, something happening on HTTP level or may be IE doesn't like it some how - I'm not sure.
What I know for sure is that my servlet's doGet() does not get called on such url at all.

It would be great, if someone could direct me to a standard on Web service names, so I could
actually forbid entering particular chars based on it in my app. In Axis wsdd WS name is an
XML attribute, where such chars (%) are allowed. If it would be an XML element then according
to XML 1.0 ( it's not allowed.


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From: Tom Zschaage [] 
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 8:14 AM
Subject: AW: Web service name syntax

The % character has a special meaning in URLs therefore it should be escaped try to call this


the %25 is the escape sequence for %
however why would one use a % in a name?


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Von: Melamud, Mikhail [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22. August 2002 18:28
Betreff: Web service name syntax

Can web service name contain special characters such as #, %,^, &,\? 
For example, using deployService() method I can create Axis wsdd as
<service name="h%" provider="java:RPC">
<parameter name="methodName" value="*"/>
<parameter name="alias" value="h%Service"/>
<parameter name="scope" value="request"/>
<parameter name="className" value="wsbecho.EchoStruct"/> </service>

 but then url /somehost/somecontext/h%?wsdl throws HTTP 400 error 
url /somehost/somecontext/h%25?wsdl would not work either ('%' is encoded here) 
Shouldn't Axis deployService() throw an exception here if it's not valid name? 
Or if it's a valid web service name why my url doesn't generate wsdl? 
Is any standard on What characters are allowed in Web service name? 

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