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From Enrique Rodríguez <>
Subject RE: Very newbie cuestion about soap
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 06:40:28 GMT
Thank you very much Chris.

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De: Chris Haddad []
Enviado el: viernes, 09 de agosto de 2002 3:27
Asunto: RE: Very newbie cuestion about soap

Enrique – it’s all just a string ☺

The serialization/deserialization feature incorporated by SOAP platforms provides the ability
to convert object instances into XML, and then convert the XML document into native objects
without writing a lick of code.

If the data is going to hit the business layer as objects, then using the platform to hydrate
the objects saves a bunch of hand-coding.  

If the data is being manipulated by XML tools (on either side of the databridge) and stays
in native form, then passing an XML document (as a string or by using document messaging)
is more appropriate.


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From: Enrique Rodríguez [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 8:44 AM
Subject: Very newbie cuestion about soap

I'm starting using SOAP and i have one doubt. 
If I have to transfer an xml through SOAP, what is better, send it as String, or create a
data structure with beans, and transfer it to xml with SOAP??
The xml file standar, it have a DTD that various companies use to transfer information. Actuilly
this files were send by email, and we like to do a web service that all clients could invoke
to obtain the information.
I think that if i send de xml as String, all the clients have to read it as an XML file, but
if I send this information as a JaveBean tranlated to SOAP, coul be easier for new users of
the system, because they don't read XML, they only have the DATA.

Any ideas??? 
Am I clear?? 

Regards, Enrique. 

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