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From "Frederick N. Brier" <>
Subject RE: XDoclet support for AXIS
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 01:17:57 GMT
We are only in alpha on our wrapper of Axis, but we have working 
XDoclet generation of a web-service.xml deployment descriptor that as part 
of a .wsr (Web Services Archive) can hot deploy a web service and expose an 
EJB.  I am almost done working my way through some issues in migrating from 
Axis beta1 to beta3.  As soon as I am done with that port, I was going to 
try and move JBoss 3.1 to the new version of XDoclet.

Frederick N. Brier
Multideck Corporation

At 10:04 AM 7/31/2002, you wrote:
>Using XDoclet for this meta information is something that I (and a few 
>others) have thought would be really cool.  Unfortunately, we haven't had 
>the time to do much about it.
>But it sounds like *your* project could use this functionality, how about 
>you jump in?
>Axis is always looking for people to jump in and help!
>Tom Jordahl
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>From: []
>Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 7:29 AM
>Subject: XDoclet support for AXIS
>Our project has a number of EJBs that must be invokable through SOAP. 
>Today we're using Java2WSDL and WSDL2Java to generate the  AXIS deployment 
>files. In addition we manually edit the generated deployment file to 
>change provider and set provider specific properties. This is however a 
>somewhat tedious and inefficient process.
>What we would like to do is to specify the SOAP specific deployment 
>information in the EJB implementation class and use it as a basis for 
>generating the AXIS deployment file.
>I've seen that XDoclet has support for generating deployment files for 
>Apache SOAP from the EJB implementation class 
>( Does there exist any 
>corresponding support for AXIS? If not, is something in the works or are 
>there any alternative solutions?

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