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From Ricky Ho <>
Subject Re: WSDL Reader for geneating Soap requests!
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 18:05:11 GMT
The client stub (in the Axis WSDL2Java implementation) actually doesn't do 
part 2.
Part 2 is actually something you configure in the client-side WSDD file, if 
you don't do anything, the default is the HTTPSender.

So all you need to do is ....
1) Write your own "transportsender" and "transportlistener"
2) In your transportlistener, instantiate a AXISEngine object and invoke it
3) In the client-side WSDD, configure the transportsender as the Pivot point.

Take a look at the sample code in the AXIS download.

Best regards,
At 12:11 PM 8/8/2002 +0530, Naresh Agarwal wrote:
>i have a WebService, which is deployed using SOAP over a different 
>transport protocol (Say X - different from http).
>The WSDL file for this web-service has appropriate support for the 
>transport. Now i wish to create soap
>client stub from this WSDL file. The client stub, essentially, constitutes 
>of two parts
>1) Generating the Soap request envelope for a particular function call 
>with the help of WSDL
>2) Sending the Soap Envelope on transport X
>Is there any SOAP implementation in C++/Java, which can do the part 1 for 
>me, i.e, a WSDL reader,
>which can generate a SOAP envelope for a particular function call from the 
>WSDL file?
>Also the WSDL Reader should be standalone so that i can use it 
>independently in my application.
>Once i would get the SOAP envelope, i can do the part 2 myself!
>Naresh Agarwal

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