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From Rania Khalaf <>
Subject Bug in WSDL generation
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:32:48 GMT
If you try to type map something in the xsd namespaces, the WSDL
generation puts the name of your class (namespace is the package name,
and local part is the class name) as the QName in the generated WSDL.

Example if in my WSDL I map:
xsd:date (where xmlns:xsd="")to
my.special.Date using mySpecializedSer/DeserFactory

then the WSDL says that that the type is
of type ns:Date where xmlns:ns=""

but if I change the xsd namespace to http://something/not/schema
then it does the right thing in the WSDL.

In both cases the service/client interactions are fine so the problem is
confined to the WSDL generation and does not extend to the ser/deser etc

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