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Subject RE: Help with Intercepting SOAP messages
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 14:57:23 GMT
Tom, Margaret and Ulrich,

Thank you very much. I can't see why it will not suffice for my requirement.

Thank you very much.



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From: Tom Jordahl []
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 3:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Help with Intercepting SOAP messages

Look at org.apache.axis.handlers.LogHandler for an example of a handler
which writes the input and output XML data to a file.

This handler would be configured in the server-config.wsdd file like so:
 <handler name="log" type="java:org.apache.axis.handlers.LogHandler"/>
   <handler type="log"/>
   <handler type="log"/>

Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development

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From: Ulrich Winter []
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: Help with Intercepting SOAP messages

Instead of intercepting the soap message at the http transport layer in the
servlet engine, you should consider writing a custom axis handler.

Axis is designed for plugging in MessageHandler which could process parts of
the soap message before or after the service is invoked.

Look at the architecture doc for more details.
There is also a book, where this is described in more detail:
AXIS: The next generation of Java SOAP
by Romin Irani, S Jeelani Basha


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Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 3:51 PM
Subject: Help with Intercepting SOAP messages

> All,
> I was hoping for some guidance on SOAP message interception mechanism.
> I am using Tomcat 4.0.3, using AXIS Beta 3 and in accordance to Servlet
> I have defined a Filter which filters all requests going to the AXIS
> Servlet.
> The SOAP body is passed through in an ServletInputStream which I can read,
> then for audit trailing, get other information from ServletRequest object
> and log it. This is all working fine, which is good.
> BUT the AXIS Servlet does not seem to read the ServletInputStream any
> longer. Does it mean that if the ServletInputStream is read once then it
> cannot be read twice?
> I attempted reset method on ServletInputStream, which is not supported!!!
> Hence it did not help.
> Does it imply that SOAP messages served by AXIS on Tomcat, cannot be audit
> trailed, or am I being a dumbo -)
> Please advise/suggest .....
> Regards and TIA,
> Santosh

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