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Subject session: simpleSessionHandler
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 16:35:07 GMT

I am trying to use simpleSessionHandler in my project.
And  it does not work. I don't know what is wrong and
please help me.

I did the following:
1. deploy the service as scope = session
2. add simplesession handler in requestFlow and
responseFlow for this service.
3. deploy it by using java
org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient deploy.wsdd
4. set session to true in client side:

result: every time I call a function in this service,
the response soap message header has an incresed
sessionId. And the service acts as a response/request
service. Session infomation was not maintained.

I don't know what is wrong with it. And hope somebody
could give me some suggestions and if you could give me
an example of it, I will appreciate it a lot.

I could use http header cookies to make it work, but I
want to make it work by using soap header message. 

All my code is based on wsdl2java, so if you could show
me where I should make change in soapbindingStub or
soapbindingSkeleton, that will be great. I read all the
discussion on session and the simplesession,
but still could not figure it out, Please help!

Lots of thanks!


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