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From Peter Haensgen <>
Subject RE: Axis -> .NET: Datatyp Array not known ?
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 13:09:36 GMT

> 1. The latest axis docs summarise bits of the JAX-RPC spec 
> and its interop
> implications; says quite clearly 'no fancy data structures, 
> what do you
> expect the thing at the far end to do'.


after reading a little about supported data types for webservice, I come to
the conclusions:
- Use only primitive types, arrays or beans ("structs"), which are just
assembled of the primitive types again

- You CAN implement customized serializers, but this won't help you, because
the clients will not know how to handle the stuff (they don't have a
matching deserializer). Thus you are really limited to the basic standard
types, if you want to have an interoperable webservice. If you build more
complex types, you won't be interoperable anymore, which means only your own
hand-crafted client would be able to access the service. But then, using
webservices in fact becomes worthless and you probably would go better with

Did I get it right?


* I mean, you probably would always go better with CORBA, even if you want
to have maximum interoperability, but this is a different discussion. ;-)

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