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From Peter Haensgen <>
Subject RE: Axis -> .NET: Datatyp Array not known ?
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 09:50:58 GMT

Hi there,

I am stuck with the same problem. I've played around with a number of data
types to see if and how I can use them:
- java.util.List and java.util.Map did not work with VisualStudio.
- String[] works fine, probably other primitive types as array too
- for a bean type with primitive attributes, the C# stubs were generated
correctly, but there is a problem on the server side when I try to do a call
with them (something with serializer not found, don't know why yet)

If I take WSDL2Java from Axis and generate the client stubs for my service,
the List is not there anymore, instead the client method returns an
Object[]. The Map is still a Map, and the bean looks like the original bean.

Please keep me updated on your research. :-)

*still reading JAX-RPC spec*


> Now using wsdl.exe on the Windows side only gives me an error 
> saying it cannot produce a client stub, because the datatyp 
> array is not known. Does anybody know what is wrong here?
> Is it a good idea at all to rely on Java2WSDL and wsdl.exe? 
> The more I experiment the more I think of designing my own 
> XML data format, which will then generate the server and 
> client stubs. That format could also hold information on how 
> to store and retrieve the bean in question from a Database...
> tia,
> Andreas

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