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From "John Brothers" <>
Subject Re: Unified Apache/Tomcat/Axis/Xerces project - was Re: I hate axis because...
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 16:09:30 GMT

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From: "Steve Loughran" <>
> > The various jakarta subprojects all seem to require different versions
> > each others code.

> yeah, that's the problem: everyone works on their own timescales and it
> would be an epic of co-ordination to produce a release. Also the standard
> response by every group to a bugrep is 'try the latest version'.

If I'm not mistaken, Axis is the only product without a stable release
version - that
would make it easier to handle the packaging - only support stable release
for all of the other components.

> Doesnt mean that a simple axis+tomcat distro would be a bad thing, just
> we should keep it small and self contained, and that it should not be the
> only way to run axis. For, as Ted points out, you should really dev on
> deployment system.

Absolutely.  Ideally it is an RPM (or somesuch) that  puts
tomcat in the right place,  puts axis in the right place "underneath" it,
contains the right changes to the server.xml to support it,  and puts all
the right jar
files into the common/lib directory.   I think it would cut down on  the
learning curve.

> The alternate approach is for Axis to integrate with Jetty and so run
> without tomcat in lightweight mode. This would stop us having to field
> support calls related to tomcat, and vice versa.

Wouldn't that just incur a different set of support calls?

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