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From Giacomo Fiorentini <>
Subject SOAP -- .net interoperability -- questions
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 08:52:27 GMT

Hi all,
	I'm new on this mailing list. I have the following question:

what are the relationship, differences, prospectives, expectations of the
following SOAP implementations/libraries/tools:

	Java Web Service Developer Pack 1.0
	Apache SOAP 2.3.1
	Apache Axis beta 2
	Web Service Toolkit from IBM

I know that this was a strange question, but we have to decide the best
tools/library for new projects, that will have to interoperate with
Microsoft .net ws.

I tried the Axis beta 2, with interoperability with .net (to and from), and
I didn't found particular problems (I was limited with base data types), but
I wonder what can be the problems on mappings complex structures like .net

Apache SOAP and WSDP are very useful for deep programming with SOAP, but are
not very easy to program. I found that the manual generation of WSDL files
is not very useful for designing large projects: it's an added complexity
not necessary. 

I think that the simple meccanismo on axis, that provides automatic
generation of WSDL files simply adding the ?wsdl is very very useful, and
it's very similar to the .net ws behaviour. 

For completeness, I'm not jet tried the WSTK. 

Any comments, suggestions are welcome.


Giacomo Fiorentini

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