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From "Boris Garbuzov" <>
Subject RE: evaluation for small client
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 19:09:44 GMT
Thanks very much for advise, Jesse. As to Glue, this is what they have in
their lib directory.
    259,265 collections.jar
     13,407 dom.jar
    184,591 GLUE-EXAMPLES.jar
     50,694 GLUE-JBUILDER.jar
    753,082 GLUE-STD.jar
      7,637 jcert.jar
      3,098 jnet.jar
    280,426 jsp.jar
    463,471 jsse.jar
     75,126 servlet.jar
  1,787,796 xerces.jar
   3,878,593 bytes
11 File(s)      3,878,593 bytes
It is not yet clear what is the minimal client set. Seems, they have their
own parser somewhere even though they ship with Xerces. If it is really
350k, it is still not much better than Apache Soap 2 that is 180k of
soap.jar + 200k for crimson.jar = 380k. Am I correct? Not missing anything?
I will look into other recommended projects too. As to the project nature,
it is a special mail client. For some fancy reason my company decided to
have it in applet. And the latter limits the size.


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From: Jesse D. Sightler []
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: evaluation for small client

Hi Boris,

> We need the product for SOAP client to bundle with Java applet. Is this a
> suitable one? Or even old Apache SOAP 2 is better? It used to be 120k
> soap.jar. Now it is 6 jars of 1,252,467 bytes total. How to prune this set
> for client side? What is the smallest parser I need for it? crimson.jar of
> 201k? Are there any special project for small client? Boris.

You might look at GLUE (  I know that
they brag about being only 350K in size (and that is both a server and
client implementation).

I know less about these (and am not sure that they would be relevant),
but also check out:
 - kSOAP -
 - Wingfoot SOAP - - Appears to be
under 50K and is free!

Just curious, but what kind of a project are you involved in that needs
such a small parser?

Anyway, I hope that helps,

Jess Sightler
Exim Technologies
131 Falls Street
Greenville SC 29601
Phone: 864-679-4651

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