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From "Agrawal, Anuj (Anuj)** CTR **" <>
Subject axis generates faults in the wrong namespace?
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:45:14 GMT
Hi -

We're using Axis Beta 2.  We have a 2 WSDL files:

commons.wsdl contains a bunch of Types and Messages (e.g. TpCommonExceptions is a message).

test.wsdl imports the commons.wsdl file and sets up namespaces referencing the namespace in
commons.wsdl.  It also defines portTypes and operations therein which have faults 
e.g. <fault name="TpCommonExceptions" message="commons:TpCommonExceptions"/>

test.wsdl is in its own namespace different from commons.wsdl.

2 problems arise when i run WSDL2Java:

1. gets created in both namespaces
2. The java source that gets generated for services defined in test.wsdl reference TpCommonExceptions
with their own namespace, and not the one defined in commons.wsdl.

Is this a bug in WSDL2Java? Or is there something i can change in the WSDL that would not
cause this behaviour?


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