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From "Partner, Jonas" <>
Subject RE: Axis and applets
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 09:32:10 GMT
Hi Michael

	I ran into similar problems and tracked it down to the fact that
commons logging
was trying to read environment variables to determine which logging
implementation to 
use, this causes a security exception in an unsigned applet.  We
experimented with 
rebuilding commons logging with these lines removed, this works since if the
variables aren't set it falls back to defaults based on what logging classes
are available
on the classpath.  However having resolved this problem we then found
problems elsewhere 
where the same thing was occurring.  The solution we settled on was to sign
the applet with
a valid security certificate this meant the security prob's went away and we
now have a happy
applet making soap calls with axis.  To test that it is a security issue you
may want to edit 
your security policy for the plugin to grant all permissions to the applet.

Hope this helps


-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Kent []
Sent: 23 July 2002 02:53
Subject: Axis and applets

Hi. I checked the mailing list archives, and it looks like other people have
had the same trouble I'm having, but no real solution was posted. The
is that whenever I try to run an Axis client (which works fine as an
as an applet I get errors. They occur whenever I try to initialise a Service
(Service service = new Service()), but the Java console error output says
it's caused by something in commons-logging. Is there a workaround to this?
Can I turn the logging off? Is something else causing the problem?


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