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From Noel Tijerino <>
Subject Re: VOTE: Move to Ant 1.5 for Axis Build Tool
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 21:24:22 GMT
I'm already using 1.5 for most of my stuff, so it's good for me.

At 04:09 PM 7/23/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I need some input on people's thoughts for moving from their current ant 
>to a standardized Ant 1.5. This discussion has been going on on axis-dev 
>for quite some time today, and so far, there seems to be a positive 
>ambivelance. The new test infrastructure that I am working on would 
>greatly benefit from some advanced functions which as included in Ant 1.5.
>If everyone is okay with this, then I would like to set Monday, July 29, 
>2002 as the date for the upgrade. At this time I will add a small check 
>into the top of build.xml to verify the Ant version is up to date.
>The new Ant Release can be found at:
>If there are copious objections, I'll be quiet and return to my seat ;)
>Matt Seibert
>IBM External: (512) 838-3656 Internal: 678-3656

Noel Tijerino
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
work: 925.422.0473

Stick that in your compiler and de-bug it!

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