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From Andrew Vardeman <>
Subject Re: Asynchronous Messaging
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 17:42:17 GMT
I had a similar question a while back, and the answer was "not in Axis 
version 1."  If you can live without the "receipt acknowledged"  message, 
you could probably write a client that behaves in an asynchronous way.  For 
instance, if you're writing a .NET client, asynchronous method calls to 
standard web services are built in.  You could write a wrapper class around 
a standard Axis RPC client with a "beginCall" method that takes as a 
parameter the callback function, and the callback function could retrieve 
the result from the wrapper with an "endCall" method.  Put the client in 
its own thread so you can make calls to it and go on about your business 
until the callback function is called.


At 01:19 PM 7/17/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm wondering how I can have our SOAP client call our JAX-RPC web service,
>receive only a "receipt acknowledged" type message, and continue processing
>without waiting for the web service to finish.  Then when our web service
>finishes, we would notify the client somehow that their either their request
>has completed successfully or failed.  Any ideas on how to do asynchronous
>processing like this?
>I looked through the JMS Transport Handler example in the "AXIS Next
>Generation Java SOAP" book, but it isn't asynchronous (at least the example
>presented isn't.)  It uses queues, but the client doesn't continue
>processing after sending the request.  It waits till the server finishes and
>prints out the results.
>Sean Cohan
>Software Performance Systems

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