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From Moshtagh Houman <>
Subject RE: Deploy error...
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 07:33:06 GMT
Hi Anna,

I have the same error on my computer. I have installed and deinstalled more
than 25 times TomCat 4.0.4 and Axis BETA 3 on my WinXP. It lasted 12 hours
with no success. I have already read anything on the web and tried out any
possible configuration without success.

On my Laptop (Win2000) I could manage it after a few times trial and error.
Now it works there.

You have to go in this way: deinstall Tomcat and Axis.
- Install Tomcat 4.0.4 normal edition
- Copy AXIS directory to the TomCat\Webapps 
- Copy the LIB directory from your AXIS-Intsallation directory
(C:\axis-01\lib) to your root. (e.g. c:\lib)
- rename log4j-1.2.4.jar to log4j.jar in your C:\lib
-Copy Xerces.jar, mail.jar, activation.jar from your Apache
TomCat\common\lib also to c:\lib
- Set your Classpath to exactly these jars in C:\lib (axis.jar,
commons-logging.jar, jaxrpc.jar, saaj.jar, log4j.jar,
-Its better to change the server port to 8030, since 8080 ist sometimes busy

-Now try that again.

In this way I could start the programm on my laptop.  On my computer there
is no chance. 
I am not the only user with these problems. It seems that the problems
depend on a combination of OS and hardwareconfiguration which differs from
one case to another.

Its a pity that there is almost no possibility to find that out because of
the lack of the communication between these users.   In my opinion this
mailing-list is not effective. I know that some guys dont like to discuss
this matter but we in Germany criticize and discuss these things to become
better and more effective.  Every morning the mail box is full.  more than
90% of the emails get deleted because of this "pushing" system. 
The selective System like a Forum or Newsgroup is much more effective. You
answer to that problem which you know. 
Everyone can access Newsgroups through google. Forum is also no problem.
Now I have put in my two cents. ;)


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