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From Supriyo Chatterjea <>
Subject Web services on a wireless adhoc network
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 16:44:09 GMT

I'm trying to implement web services on a wireless
adhoc network. I've given a brief overview of the
problem and the tools I'm planning to use and that's
followed by a couple of questions.

Consider a few wireless devices within range of each
other each providing its own service(s). Each device
maintains a sort of registry that keeps track of all
the services that are being offered by all the devices
in the adhoc network at a certain instant, e.g. if a
network consists of devices A, B, C and D, device A's
registry lists the services provided by itself *and*
the services of devices B, C and D.

If a new device E enters the network, a service
discovery algorithm ensures that A, B, C, D and E all
have their own registries updated to indicate the
services offered by all the devices in the adhoc

So basically,

(i) every device acts as a service provider *and* a
service requester (client & server)

(ii) every device has it's own private registry that
lists its own services *and* the services of the other
devices in the network

Another point is that these services aren't exactly
services being offered by businesses. It could apply
to the following scenario, e.g. you receive an email
on your PDA and would like to print it out. However,
there isn't any printer available. Some time later,
you happen to walk into a room where a printer is
available. Your PDA detects the printer and asks you
if you would like to print out your email.

So I'm talking about services like printing,
displaying some output on a screen, etc., not services
offered by businesses. And by the way these devices
are embedded devices.

Now I'm thinking of using Jakarta Tomcat for the web
server and Apache Axis for the SOAP engine.

Do you think that's an ok choice?

Does anyone have any idea how I should go about
implementing the registry? 

I'm thinking of using an open source private UDDI. Do
you think that's suitable? Does anyone know of one
that may be appropriate? I think I can use UDDI4J to
link up to the private UDDI once I have one.

Does anyone have any comments on the model I just
described above? Please feel free to share your views!

Thanks very much!

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