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From Nuno Guerreiro <>
Subject Trying to define security in a WSDL file
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 14:25:00 GMT
I'm using digital signatures in a Web Service. I
request that any client who calls the web service
presents a digital certificate in the SOAP Header.
This was highly based on the security sample provided
with Axis.

But I'm having a hard time in defining the WSDL for
this service, since the WSDL that Axis creates
dinamically doesn't mention anything about security
(and perhaps shouldn't, since I'm using global
handlers). Anyway, the WSDL that clients read must
somehow state that this service needs a digital
signature element in the soap header, right?

I've tried to place the following attribute in the
<definitions> tag:


plus the following elements in the appropriate

    <message name="digitalSignature">
        <part name="signature"


                <wsdlsoap:header use="literal"
message="digitalSignature" part="signature"


But when I invoke wsdl2java, it states that "Type
is referenced but not defined."

For what I understand, I need to import this namespace
and specify its location, as I did for a homemade one.
But I can't even find it in the Internet.

Has anyone had this problem? Is this the correct way
for specifying security to clients? I'd rather have
Axis dinamically generate the WSDL with security

Many thanks,

Nuno Guerreiro

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