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From "Ted Neward" <>
Subject Re: rpc-literal and document-literal
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 00:34:35 GMT
It's really more of a "Zen" thing--rpc/encoded is the act of replicating a
call stack, whereas doc/literal is the act of passing messages, much in the
same differentiation between RMI and JMS. In many ways, one can look at RMI
and simply say, "Oh, that's easy, that's just passing an 'input' message to
an endpoint, and receiving an 'output' message back." This in turn begs the
question, what's the choice between RMI and JMS? Or, in short, what's the
choice about between any messaging-based application, and an RPC-based one?

A messaging-based app usually offers more in the way of flexibility--for
example, a messaging-based app can do all sorts of "oneway" actions without
requiring a response, and can offer store-and-forward kinds of functionality
as a result. (Think of the difference between email--messaging--and a phone
call--RPC. One requires only some supporting plumbing to make sure the
message gets there; the other requires the same plumbing, but also that the
recipient be there, ready to answer the incoming request and send back a
response.) The commensurate cost that goes with a messaging application is
the overhead of tying "request" and "response" together--identifying that
*this* response goes with *that* request five minutes ago, and so on. (JMS
has some headers they reserve for precisely this purpose.)

Ted Neward
{.NET || Java} Course Author & Instructor, DevelopMentor

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From: "Sam" <>
To: "axis" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2002 5:16 PM
Subject: rpc-literal and document-literal

> I was trying to think of the use cases where one would prefer
> to use document-literal over rpc encoded and drew a blank.
> Can anyone highlight why an application would choose
> document-literal or rpc-literal as the message format ?
> What would such a use case look like ?
> Thanks
> /s

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