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From Gaël Pouzerate <>
Subject Re: soapAction="" why?
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:03:07 GMT

Ok, so there's no bug at all in having an empty string in soapAction...
Many thanx for your answer!

12.06.2002 14:07:32, Jürgen Kaatz <> wrote:

>A SOAPAction value of "" means, that the intent of the request is provided 
>by the HTTP request URI. An empty value fpr SOAPAction means that the 
>intent is not specified ... In fact, AXIS ignores the SOAPAction header and 
>instead relies on this approach; the first child of the <Body> element and 
>its namespace.
>from Axis - Next Generation Java SOAP" by Romin Irani.
>I hope this will help.
>>In AXIS's generated WSDL files, I always get   <wsdlsoap:operation 
>>soapAction="" />  in the bindings.
>>It causes troubles when I try to use the WSDL file from weblogic portal 
>>4.0 for instance...
>>Why this ""? Is this a bug?
>>--Gaël Pouzerate

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