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Subject Re: Castor Serializer/Deserializer to be added in Axis ?
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 22:07:44 GMT

I will do.

I will be looking at extending the JavaWriterFactory in order to change the
generation of XML Schema objects and generate the right stubs.


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>>>>> "olivier" == olivier brand <> writes:

    olivier> Axis developers, Following the emails I sent a few days
    olivier> ago about Castor. I have implemented a set of
    olivier> Serializers/Deserializers for Castor objects.

That's awesome!!

    olivier> The advantage with these is a better handling of your XML
    olivier> Schemas (compared to what WSDL2Java generates), and a
    olivier> validation built in the Castor framework.

    olivier> How can I contribute to Axis ?

I'd say just post to the list. ;-)

- bob

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