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From "Hurst, Cyrus" <>
Subject NoSuchMethodException...
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 20:42:13 GMT
   I keep running into this problem and haven't found the cause of it .. I
am testing out a message-based service .  
     In my client code I have this as my endPointURL :
                String endpointURL =

     In my message service class this is the method signature :  
                public Element[] updateAssociateProfile(MessageContext
context, Vector soapBodyElements) throws Exception

     In my deploy.wsdd I have :
        <service name="CPRMessagingService" provider="java:MSG">
           <parameter name="className" value="TestCprMessagingService" />
           <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="updateAssociateProfile"

     In the generated wsdl :  
       <wsdl:portType name="TestCprMessagingService">
       <wsdl:operation name="updateAssociateProfile" parameterOrder="in0
       <wsdl:input message="intf:updateAssociateProfileRequest" /> 
       <wsdl:output message="intf:updateAssociateProfileResponse" /> 
       <wsdl:fault message="intf:Exception" name="Exception" /> 

  As you can see the method name(updateAssociateProfile) is consistent
throughout the code yet I'm getting NoSuchMethodException  on both client
and server console .  Any ideas?  


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