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From "Peake, Chris" <>
Subject serialization problem with complex types in arrays as data
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:44:56 GMT
I have  two complex classes nested that I am passing from the client to the
Web Service.
The client code was generated by Axis.

Pattern[] pat = new Pattern[5];
class Pattern

class PatternField
  String id;

I load only the first Pattern[0] but load 'all' 8 occurences of PatternField
array in Pattern.
Each PatternField has 'different' data.  Let's say:
PatternField[0] = "zero";
PatternField[1] = "one";
PatternField[7] = "seven";

I print this out just before the service call from the client Stub:         
 Object resp = call.invoke(new Object[] {consultData});

The data is correct, but trapping the 'serialized data' using TCPMON, shows
that the 
PatternFields 'all' contain 'just' the data from the last PatternField[7].
(i.e. data is all 'seven' for each occurence of PatternField on the wire)

Anyone seen this???


Chris Peake	

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