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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: Several SOAP body blocks - can Axis deal with it
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:01:47 GMT
Dittmann Werner wrote:
> Hi all,
> according to the SOAP specs
> <quote>
>   The (SOAP Body) element MAY contain a set of SOAP body
>   blocks, each being an immediate child element of the
>   SOAP Body.  
> </quote>
> Axis (in RPC and/or doc/lit mode) processes (at least?)
> one immediate child element. What happens if there are
> more immediate child elements? Does Axis filters the
> child elements and uses only those relevant for its 
> processing? (Silently ignoring the other child elements?)

Quoting the spec again, for RPC:
The invocation is viewed as a SINGLE struct containing an accessor for 
each [in] or [in/out] parameter. The struct is both named and typed 
identically to the procedure or method name
The response is viewed as a SINGLE struct ...

(my emphasis, this is from the 1.2 spec) - I read this as saying that, 
for RPC, other body blocks are actually illegal (this isnt inconsistent 
with your quote, since RPC is a restriction of SOAP)

As for anything else - body blocks are implicitly mustUnderstand="1" so 
they must be processed or rejected, never ignored.

Disclaimer: I'm talking from the spec here, I've not tried this with axis.


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