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From Sebastian Hasait <>
Subject Re: InClass-Server
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 00:41:40 GMT
Am Dienstag, 18. Juni 2002 22:02 schrieb Wimmer, Matthias:
> Sebastian:
> Your second question: The Axis server doesn't need to be assigned a port
> because it is a web application. The configuration for the network stuff is
> done by the web server (Tomcat, ...) and a web application makes use of the
> network connectivity that is provided by the web server. (port 80 or port
> 8080 or something else)

The Problem of a Webapplication is, that it cannot have a Swing-GUI.
In my case i need this.
The webservice("Listener with GUI") subscribes at another 
webservice("EventProducer") for updates of specific data.
The Listener has to be a webservice to be able to receive updates. The 
listener is webservice-client, webservice-provider and has a GUI.

I solved this Problem using XSoap:
With this lib you can create an SoapServer (listining on a socket) and export 
objects like RMI (UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject). To call these exported 
objects i use Axis cause the call-setup is easier.

I hope this will help...

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