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From Elias Ross <>
Subject Date Serialization Behavior
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 02:40:36 GMT

I'm not a member of the list, but I would like to share a few thoughts
about the AXIS behavior when it comes to (default) date serialization.

java.util.Date's are converted to GMT, then the hours, minutes, and
seconds are truncated.

First of all, I wonder _why_ someone thought it wise to lose the hour,
minute, and second information.  According to the link in the Javadoc,
it looks to me this information would get preserved.  The
java.util.Calendar class information is converted (IMHO) correctly.

When I send a date, such as Sunday 5:31PM PST, it comes back to me as
Sunday 17:00 PST, which isn't midnight in my Locale (PST), but midnight
GMT.  Which I thought was mysterious for my dates to do.  For the
application I'm working on, I don't care about Europe.  (At least for

As a work-around, users have to write their own serializers and stuff to
fix this (annoying?) problem.  This is not easy to do.  Bean
serialization should do the expected thing.  This would be like dropping
the decimal point for floating point values without mentioning things.

I would like to petition (suggest) to have the serialization behavior
changed to something that would make more sense.  

1)  By default, serialize the time of day parts as well.  Midnight on
some date (could magically become today or tomorrow) in the UK is
irrelevant to many users.

2)  Be capable of handling either the shortened date or the longer
date.  I'd have to read the spec on the short date, but it seems to me
if you don't know the timezone (it's a date minus the 'Z'), it is
indeterminate which time you're talking about, but probably would be
best to decode into the computer's default timezone.

Good luck in getting a stable release out the door.

Please CC replies to me, if you care to.

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