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From Heitzso <>
Subject Re: List with HTTP servers on with AXIS installs and runs?
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 14:19:24 GMT
Just want to flag that this problem gets thrashed on the email
list about once a week, which is probably why others didn't respond
right away.

Tomcat 4.0.something tries to insure that a war file cannot
run java.blat and javax.blat class files from its WEB-INF/lib and
perhaps circumvent security thereby.

Axis tries to be on the bleeding edge of standards, and hence
requires the use of jaxrpc et al.  You cannot put these files in
WEB-INF/lib because tomcat-trying-to-be-secure ignores them.

You have a couple of solutions, depending on the JVM you're using.

With JVM 1.4.x the simplest thing is to use 

Otherwise you need to get these files loaded in a basic way into
the classpath.  With tomcat 4.0.3 you typically put a single jar
into the classpath and then, on the way up, tomcat scrounges
around and picks up extra jars from it's lib directories.

Now the above description may not be quite perfect, but I believe
it's close to reality. Where I get fuzzy is the class ordering
between jre extension library directories, the java.endorsed.dirs
directories, classpath, tomcat common and other lib directories, 
et al.  

Note that if you use 1.4.0 jvm I believe you have to use
java.endorsed.dirs because the jvm ships with some standard
extensions that are not up to snuff for bleeding edge axis.

One other odd maybe-true info point is a rumor that tomcat
4.0.4 can be configured to use java/javax files in WEB-INF/lib
to make life easier.  

Please don't be harsh on this list.  I've been monitoring it
for awhile and I've seen this problem and variations on the
solution mentioned a good dozen times over the past few
months.  If you searched the archives you may have missed
the info because it tended to focus on the jvm more than on
the servlet container.



On Fri, 2002-06-14 at 02:18, Schie, Sjaak van wrote:
> Hello All,
> When tring to install Axis I discovered, like others also did ;-), that some
> versions of TomCat don't work after following the installation instructions.
> Probably other people also discovered some difficulties when installing Axis
> on other HTTP servers. Maybe they even have a workaround for to make Axis
> run.
> Is it a good idea to create a list with HTTP servers on which the AXIS beta2
> has been installed and runs. And a workaround when that is available.
> A start for this list can be:
> --------------------------------------------------
> TomCat 4.0.1 | OK
> TomCat 4.0.2 | Class loading problems | Move jaxrpc.jar to common/lib
> directory
> TomCat 4.0.3 | Class loading problems | See TomCat 4.0.2
> TomCat 4.0.4-b3 | OK
> --------------------------------------------------
> Then when the list is complete enough I suggest it to be added to the
> installation documentation.
> Sjaak van Schie
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