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From "Andy Miller" <>
Subject Getting original input stream in transport handler
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 00:29:45 GMT

I am using the Axis beta2 release. I've written a transport handler and
I'm trying to use it to capture the "raw" input stream of a request.
During the requestFlow call to my handler, I am using the method
Message.writeContentToStream(). This seems to work fine, but I am having
trouble figuring out what has been done to the data up until this point.
For example, if the SOAP XML had a comment in it, would it still be
there, or has there already been some parsing? (I tried to use TCPMon to
just test this out manually, but the "resend" button doesn't seem to
work). I did notice that the call:


returns a byte[] at this time, which seemed encouraging. If I
re-configure my handler as a service-specific handler, this object is a
String rather than a byte[], for whatever that's worth. I did my best to
look through the Axis source, and one of the code paths I was looking at
(AxisServlet processing a POST) SEEMED to me like it was just copying
the input stream directly into a byte array in the Message object, but
I'm not real confident of this. Is there anyone one out there that can
clue me in on this? I would be deeply grateful!

Andy Miller

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