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From "Philippe Pham" <>
Subject AXIS
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 18:59:23 GMT
To whom it may concern,
I just download the AXIS package from Apache website.  I'm specially interested in the project
that convert a WSDL file to JAVA files and vice versa.  This is really a great tool.  I like
it very much.
There is one little thing that I'd like to ask you for help. That is, I try rebuild the project
using the following command:
    java <target>
    where target:
         - compile  -> creates the "axis.jar" package in "./build/lib"
        - javadocs -> creates the javadocs in "./build/javadocs"
        - dist     -> creates the complete binary distribution
        - srcdist  -> creates the complete src distribution
        - functional-tests -> attempts to build Ant task and then run client-server functional
Unfortunately it fails to do it (on my system, WIN2K Advanced Server). The error message that
shows at the DOS command prompt is:
        C:\xml-axis\java>java compile
        Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tools/ant/Main
That means that I don't have the 'ant' utility on my system or I haven't configure my system
Then I download the 'ant' utility and try to build it again, it still fails.  Here is the
error message:
    C:\xml-axis\java>ant compile
    Buildfile: build.xml
    C:\xml-axis\java\build.xml:170: Could not create task of type: condition. Common solutions
are to use taskdef to declare your         task, or, if this is an optional task, to put the
optional.jar in the lib directory of your ant installation (ANT_HOME).
    Total time: 0 seconds
So could you please show me how to set up the system to build the axis project?
Philippe Pham

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