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From "John Gregg" <>
Subject conforming to the JAX-RPC interfaces
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:47:08 GMT
Hi all.

As part of my introduction to Axis, I thought I'd rewrite some of the
userguide examples, as well as create some of my own, that import only on
the JAX-RPC interfaces and not on the Axis implementation classes.  So far,
however, I've had no luck.  The problem I can't figure out is a "no
serializer found" error.  I can run example 5 from the userguide just fine.
I can also successfully create and run my own simple example using the
BeanSerializer and the Axis implementation classes.  However, I fall on my
face when trying to use the interfaces exclusively.  Here are some
miscellaneous observations:

1. The TypeMapping instance that I setup is not the same one that's
consulted when the message is serialized.
2. The MessageContext encoding style is "" when doing it "my way" but is
"" when using the Axis classes.  I
don't know why this is but I tried changing the value in the debugger but it
didn't matter.
3. The Axis implementation classes ignore the parameters specified in the
interfaces, in at least one case.  For example,
org.apache.axis.client.ServiceFactory.createService(QName) ignores the QName
4. The JAX-RPC interfaces are quite a bit different than the existing Axis

I'm tempted to conclude that for whatever reason, perhaps because JAX-RPC
1.0 is so new, it's just not fully implemented yet.  Is that the case or am
I missing something easy?

In the attached files, is the interface way and is
the implementation way.



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