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From Bob Cotton <>
Subject Re: New beta-2 is not working with EJB's
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 14:23:03 GMT
>>>>> "Michael" == Michael K Dean <> writes:

    Michael> There have been a few messages on this issue but no real
    Michael> response.  I looked into this some yesterday and got
    Michael> bogged down in other issues and did not find anything
    Michael> useful.  But it seems that in the new beta-2 (beta-1 was
    Michael> working) that if you use an EJB as your service provider
    Michael> you get the following error:

Try setting the "className" parameter in the wsdd file to your Remote
Interface of the bean you're trying to expose.

<service provider="java:EJB">
   <parameter name="className" value="com.your.remote.interface"/>


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