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From "Schie, Sjaak van" <>
Subject Question: Is dynamic SOAP mapping possible?
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 11:03:54 GMT
Hello All,

Is AXIS able to map the SOAP message in a dynamic way to a dynamic
implementation, for instance CORBA DII?
Or are there other Java based products?

I like to write my own DII connection in Java based on the SOAP DSI using
the WSDL information.
This all because the implementation I like to connect to is a dynamic
environment called UNIFACE.

Some kind of SOAP DSI (Dynamic Skeleton Interface) to a DII (Dynamic
Invocation Interface) is needed for this.
There no static skeletons (Java code) need to be create, but based on the
WSDL a provider to the DII implementation can be published.

When a Web Client then connects to the HTTP server the transport listener
can locate the provider and let the provider map the SOAP message to the DII

So like CORBA DSI, where the server binds the interface and dynamically
calls the (Java/C++/...) implementation.

Looking forward to your reactions,
Sjaak van Schie

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