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From "Simon McClenahan" <>
Subject Ant tasks
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 15:11:50 GMT
The Axis build.xml ant file references an Ant task for wsdl2java . I am trying to build my
own ant file that uses this Ant task. Will test.wsdl.Wsdl2javaAntTask be included in the axis.jar
binary distribution? Right now I have to compile the source myself.

Looking at the source , I don't see a way to specify the --fileNStoPkg
command-line equivalent. I have a file with my mappings. The source says:
But I don't know how to set the correct directory. Here is my ant command so far:

    <wsdl2java url="axis/transform.wsdl"
    		<!-- NStoPkg= -->

All the action happens in the "axis" directory of where ant is run from. I know I can use
<mapping>, but I want that information in a seperate file, not inside the build file.


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