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From "L Rutker" <>
Subject Re: What is the Relationship between JAXM and AXIS?
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 14:50:45 GMT
The JAXM interfaces seem to overlap and provide the same interfaces that the 
Axis classes do.
Will these Axis classes become implementations of JAXM? Will they coexist? 
Will the Axis interfaces disappear?
I guess my expectation is that something like JAXP will unify all Java 
implementations so that a common interface can be used no matter what 
implementation will be used.


>From: "Glyn Normington" <>
>JAXM is a specification (NB. not an implementation) of two sets of
>interfaces: javax.xml.soap and javax.xml.messaging.
>Axis currently implements *some* of the javax.xml.soap interfaces, although
>these are not mentioned in the list of published interfaces in the Axis
>Users Guide as the job is only partly complete. I hope to implement the
>other JAXM SOAP interfaces as a low-priority, background task, but would
>welcome help from anyone who is keen to see them implemented sooner.
>There is also an Axis to-do item to implement javax.xml.messaging, but
>no-one has agreed to take that on.

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