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From Manuel Reyes <>
Subject Tomcat / Axis Performance Issues
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 11:29:37 GMT
I am running Jakarta Tomcat 4.0.2 (as WinNT service) with XML-AXIS Beta 1
RC2 on Windows 2000, this is running solo, i.e. not integrated into a
webserver (i.e. appache/iis etc) as it isnt required for the project.

The process that I use Tomcat/Axis for is made up of the following
components :

1) Java class client (jamax.class)
2) Java class server JWS (full deployment not needed) (EMISSoap.jws)
3) Server DLL file (EMISSoap.dll)
4) Backend Database (MUMPS)

The application works in the following fashion :

1) The user runs the client and sends :
	a)Database connect
	b)Database query(s)
	c)Database disconnect
2) The JWS picks these up, loads the DLL, and passes them onto it.
3) The DLL connects to the database, pulls out the necessary information.
4) Everything is then put into reverse and the client eventually gets the
output of the query displayed to screen

All works well, but heres the thing, in a test on 5 consequetive queries
(i.e. 1 connect, 5 queries, 1 disconnect) (each query returning around 40kb)
the timings return around 5500ms average, which is acceptable.  When I
restart the Tomcat service this timing increases to an average of 33000ms
which is unacceptable in a production environment [customers ;-)] if I then
rerun the test query this drops back down to 5500ms, so only the first query
after a restart is effected.

I ran some test timings on DLL loading, and on every occasion (restarted or
not) this process takes around 10ms which is AFAIAC ok.  After some fiddling
it would seem the delay is when tomcat wakes up for the first time, i.e.
when the client makes the first call after the restart and before the dll
load process is started. Below is my table of timings :

Restart : Total Time : 24795ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5357ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5478ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5187ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5448ms

Restart : Total Time : 32537ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5428ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5478ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5348ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5488ms

Restart : Total Time : 33769ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5438ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5899ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5297ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5428ms

Restart  : Total Time : 33398ms
Re-run : Total Time : 6109ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5558ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5327ms
Re-run : Total Time : 5378ms

Client Process : Start Timer - Get Params - Send DB Connect - Send Param -
Display response - Send DB Disconnect - End Timer

After reading - - I made some
tweaks to the server.xml file but this made no discernable difference.

So does anybody have any idea as to the cause/cure for this problem

Thanks in advance

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