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From "Sascha Kulawik" <>
Subject Returning Complex Type Data to .NET C# App
Date Sun, 21 Apr 2002 17:55:10 GMT

Ive reading a lot of mails in the Mailinglist about .NET and Axis and so
Ive taken sone example JWS Files on my Server to test the functionality
with .NET. So I just want to return a Entity Bean to my .NET Client -
but Ive got a java.lang.refelction error.
Ive tried to make a Proxy Class with the wsdl.exe, also there is the
Returntype "test".

[return: System.Xml.Serialization.SoapElementAttribute("return")]
public test retTest() {
object[] results = this.Invoke("retTest", new object[0]);
return ((test)(results[0]));

Do I have to create a WSDL File for my own if I want to return a complex
type or is it possible to use the "JWS" Functionality ?
Ive currently no experience with the "other" method, so it was a great
work just to use the JWS Function.
Is there any fast way to response a "full" Entity Bean with all of the
"get/set" Methods, or is the best way to use Entity Beans with SOAP with
public variables ? 

Thanks a lot,


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