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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject axis ssl
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 05:35:00 GMT

   I've managed to get Apache Tomcat serving through SSL. I have a bunch of 
WebServices that i can access through ssl using java clients...

    The thing is: I've generated my server.keystore, server.cer, 
client.keystore and client.cer using keytool from an example i've seen on a 
webpage... I don't really get what i am doing. I just gave the passwords 
where needed and it generated my certificates.

     In my java clients i give them the client.keystore and all goes fine. 
But i'm trying to get a .net client working, with no luck... I've put the 
certificates on the client machine and got them up, but although i can 
generate the WSDL from the webservice url, when i invoke it i get a "could 
not establish trust relationship with remote server" error...

     I would think i need to somehow make .net aware of the client.keystore 
file, i just don't know how...

     Help needed... Thanks in advance

		Ricardo Rocha

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