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From obrand <>
Subject Re: Any JAVA2XSD or JAVA2Schema ????
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 19:07:02 GMT
This is something that software such as XML Spy do well for you.
Personally I do not see Axis doing that for you and it cannot be fully 
automated since XSD contains constraints that cannot be guessed by the 
transformation process... XML to DTD will be easy but a full blown XML 
to Schema is impossible. The Microsoft tool might just put everything as 
Strings.... Try XML-Spy or some other XML editing tools.


Seidhi H wrote:

>Thanks Glen. Really appreciate your time.
>I found one other utility in the .NET platform SDK
>that is interesting..... It is called XSD.exe and
>allows one to generate XSD from XML instances, apart
>from various other operations.
>Is there a similar functionality in the AXIS/SOAP
>Any pointers will be very helpful.
>--- Glen Daniels <> wrote:
>>Axis has an XML<->Java databinding framework which
>>is still evolving and
>>doesn't really support all that much yet. 
>>Essentially we have metadata
>>associated with your Java class which tells the
>>runtime how to map fields to
>>and from XML elements and attributes.  Eventually
>>I'd like to see us get to the
>>point where we can use the XML->Java and Java->XML
>>code outside the context of
>>SOAP invocations, and that would include tools like
>>Java2XML and XML2Java.
>>There are other toolkits which do this kind of thing
>>now, such as Castor, and
>>the upcoming JAXB specification from Sun is also in
>>this space.
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>>From: "seidhi Help" <>
>>To: "auser" <>; "adev"
>>Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 4:07 PM
>>Subject: Any JAVA2XSD or JAVA2Schema ????
>>>How does the AXIS FW/tool validate the SOAP/XML
>>>payload that it receives from a client. I would
>>>there is some sort of "schema" or "DTD"[i doubt
>>>that is associated with the xml data that is sent
>>>across the wire. Or is it just the
>>>that would suffice.
>>>Is there a way to retrieve the schema information
>>>the XML payload, if it is generated at all.
>>>If not, is there a JAVA2XSD or JAVA2Schema type
>>>just like JAVA2WSDL.....???
>>>Any input is greatly appreciated...
>>>Thank you very much,
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