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From "Evan Jehu" <>
Subject pass by reference in Axis
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 04:13:01 GMT
Is it possible to pass a remote reference using SOAP and Axis?  I would like
to establish a publisher-subscriber style relationship between a client
(which implements a listener interface) and an Axis web service.

I have created the web service class, event class (Serializable) and event
listener interface (modeled on SWING) but WSDL2Java creates a class for the
listener interface when I really need to pass a reference to the client for
the service to call when events occur.

Also is it possible to operate in the other direction, could a web service
create a new object which it passes as a remote reference to the client and
if so how could you do it?

I hope this is not a trivial question, I am still new to SOAP, totally
stumped and would appreciate the help.



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