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From (Martina Brose)
Subject Does a stub always need a skeleton ?
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 16:03:11 GMT
I'm wondering if it is possible to deploy my service the usual way (as
explained in chapter "Publishing Web Services with Axis") and then use
the automatically generated wsdl file to let the wsdl2java tool generate
the client-side bindings necessary to excess the service. Or do I always
have to deploy a generated skeleton in case I want to use a client stub?

If it is possible: Why do I need a skeleton at all? 
If it is not possible: Where am I supposed to get the wsdl file from, if
I don't have a service yet? I mean, it then seems to me like a circle:
in order to get a wsdl file I need a service (at least an interface),
and when I then execute the wsdl2java this is exactly what is generated
(among other classes).
What do I understand wrong?

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