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From "ajack" <>
Subject Two things with AXIS beta 2 rc1...
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2002 14:16:49 GMT
I installed beta 2 rc1 to replace beta 1 and I found two things, no doubt
intended [and quite possibly in release notes, I just tried running], but
disconcerting never the less:
1) In the produced WSDL: soap:body -> wsdlsoap:body  and such.
Is WSDL changing so much that this can be changed? Gosh, scary for
interoperability. Are you backwards compatible? Is this a different version
of WSDL or something?
I already have an interoperability issue with my .Net clients (they barfed
on trying to read the last WSDL constructed) does this change make AXIS more
consistent or less?
2) In the produced WSDL my protected methods are exposed...
... but they are part of my internal implementation, I don't want them
exposed. Am I wrong in thinking they can't be called be the AXIS server so
shouldn't be show?
I've just started looking, forgive me if these are well intended changes,
they just strike me as odd...

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