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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject AXIS beta 1 second release candidate
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 13:19:38 GMT
We now have a new beta release candidate:

The documentation/samples have been updated/fixed, and a number of bugs
have been fixed.  Please play with this release candidate and report to
axis-dev any problems you think are show-stoppers.  There are a number of
items that we have in our MUST-DO list that must be addressed before we
release the actual beta.  For an up-to-date listing of these, look in CVS
at xml-axis/java/TODO.txt.  As of now this list is:

! <Doug> Doug's issue 1: Attachments are broken
! <Russell> Published interfaces must be vetted.
! <?> getParameterName() should return a QName
! <?> Taras' fix to MessageElement (getValue-like method).

One question for axis-dev folks (Doug?  Rick?):  I see the attachments
classes aren't in the rc2 axis.jar.  How do I keep them from being
excluded?  My CLASSPATH for the build is:  xerces 2 xercesImpl.jar, junit
3.7 junit.jar, tomcat 4.0.3 servlet.jar.  What else do I need?

Russell Butek

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