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From Richard Emberson <>
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 19:54:43 GMT
It is my understanding that hrefs can be used in the case when an object

is share by more than
one other objects. With an href, the shared object can be serialized and

those objects that
have a reference to the shared object will be serialized with an element

containing the
href rather than the shared object itself.

Turning on multiref seems to create hrefs for all non primitive types.
What I want is to have
hrefs generated only for those shared objects that actually need them (I

believe that the apache
soap library - axis' precursor - had this ability). How do I do it?

class A {
    Shared s;
class B {
    Shared s;
class Shared {

    <s href="#id1"/>
    <s href="#id1"/>
<Shared id="id1">


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