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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: why Axis?
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 19:00:26 GMT

In message <>, "Russell 
Butek" writes:
>Please be careful with how you use the phrase "JAX-RPC".  JAX-RPC is a
>specification.  You folks are referring to it as an implementation (I
>assume you're talking about Sun's Java Web Services Developer Pack Early
>Access, which complies with JAX-RPC?).

Not sure that I referred to it only as an implementation.  You have my
apologies if I misled.  Before anyone thinks I'm lambasting everyting
coming out of the JCP, let me clarify.  My negative comments were aimed
only at JAXM, both spec and implementation, specifically if you're interested
in doing asynchronous document-oriented SOAP messaging or more than the most
basic SOAP message manipulation.  Axis will provide more in these areas
because the project and to boot, you can contribute in small or big ways.
You can already see how the org.apache.axis.message package is more useful
than javax.xml.soap alone, even though it is careful to implement
javax.xml.soap interfaces (for implementing JAX-RPC since JAX-RPC makes use
of JAXM's javax.xml.soap).

>One of the goals of AXIS is to fully comply with the JAX-RPC specification.
>We're not there, yet.  But neither is the JAX-RPC spec!  It's still a
>moving target, version 0.8, and won't become 'official' until probably
>sometime this summer.

Yes, but the lastest draft is a proposed final draft, which implies that
the amount of change probably (but not definitely) won't be so great.


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